Will every drop of pure water be worth its weight in gold in the future?

Poland is as dry as Egypt. Although it is hard to believe, the statistics leave no doubt. There is almost 3 times less water per one inhabitant of Poland than the EU average. Worse still, as the climate warms up, it may be lacking more and more. Already today, some regions of the country are threatened with desertification. Farmers who deal with drought almost every year know this. The problem of water shortage can also be seen when we look at the low state of Polish rivers in the summer season. There is also a shortage of water in cities. That is why today every drop is precious. And let it remain so. The key is that there is not so little of it that every drop will be worth its weight in gold. It depends on us.


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Much cleaner water, air and soil. NCBR shows how to achieve this goal

We do not have to breathe polluted air or poison the environment. A series of 9 projects of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) consistent with the strategy of the European Green Deal will prove that an economy that cares for our health and that of our planet is within our reach. The implementation of these innovative projects is possible thanks to support from the European Funds under the Smart Growth Program.

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What can be done to prevent water becoming a scarce commodity?

Are we running out of clean drinking water? On the challenges of managing water for human consumption in the face of climate changes. 


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The wastewater treatment plant of the future is the next step in meeting the goals of the European Green Order

The transformation implemented under the European Green Order is commonly associated with the expansion of renewable energy sources, such as wind farms and photovoltaic farms. These technologies are crucial in the plan, but on the other hand, they are only part of it. A green future is not only about energy needs, but the need to "rebuild" the economy as a response to fundamental human needs, such as providing food, the proverbial "shelter", or clean water and air.

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"My Water" - real support for local water retention

The "My Water" program sponsored by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEPWM), the second edition of which has just started, supports the so-called small retention, i.e. local accumulation of water in small reservoirs. It was created on the model of previous programs in the field of energy ("My Electricity" and "Clean Air") as a response to the growing problem of water shortage each year. Previously, such common, small, local reservoirs generally available and provided to the inhabitants of single-family houses co-financing to encourage investment did not exist. The "My Water" program is supposed to fill this gap.

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Snow - the missing link

Nature is full of wonders, of which an example is the magical junction of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. This can take many forms, extremely important for nature. One of such forms is the snow, whose role we start to appreciate only when it becomes scarce.

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