People, the world, the climate

The planet can cope with the effects of climate change. We - people - not necessarily. For our civilization, which has developed in relatively stable conditions for millennia, the upcoming changes and the rise in temperature may turn out to be too radical. The world will change beyond recognition. Hundreds of millions of people will be hit hardest in areas where severe droughts run out of water and continuous natural disasters make it impossible to live normally. They will be the first victims of climate change who will have to leave their homes to find a better, cooler place to live. But problems will also affect us: our living conditions will deteriorate, food will become more expensive. In addition, we will become more susceptible to diseases and viruses that would not have developed in our climate before. However, we are not doomed to this fate. We can still change it and turn back from the path that leads us to catastrophe.

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PKO Bank Polski is a leading financing bank in Poland, providing a full suite of green financings to the corporates, financial institutions and sovereign issuers

Green financings are becoming more popular, with the market growing at EU level on average 50% annually in the period 2015 – 2020. While the forecasts predict even further growth in the years to come, we strongly believe that the market can accelerate even further.


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Climate change is a big challenge both on a global scale, but also on a regional and local scale

Not only the legal requirements concerning the surrounding environment are increasing year by year, but also our own expectations related to its quality. It is important to take action on two levels: adapting to the changes taking place as well as preventing and reducing the effects of these changes. Therefore, the Self-Government of the Wielkopolska Region, out of concern for the health and quality of life of its residents, sets on continuous and responsible civilization development, which at the same time is consistent with the principle of sustainable development - according to the provisions of the Development Strategy of the Wielkopolska Region until 2030.

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Socially responsible agriculture

Soil degradation resulting from agriculture is common all over the world. In most cases the rate of this process is higher than the rate of soil recovery. Furthermore, agriculture affects all ecosystems. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases this influence is negative. But there is  way to reverse this trend – a system of agriculture which benefits the farmer, the environment and consumers. Without compromise, according to the win-win rule.

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(R)evolution in food production – regenerative food

Contemporary farmers face a dauting challenge – feeding the world’s growing population. According to the report on food security and nutrition in the world prepared by FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO the problem of hunger and malnutrition affects more than 690 million people, more than 10% of the planet’s population.

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Let's change our thinking about development

In the context of the necessary changes that must occur to stop global warming, the energy transition has come to the fore. It is already known that this is a necessary condition for sustainable development and further civilization progress. It applies to all aspects of our life, because everything we need for it involves the use of energy.1 

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„European Green Deal” – New European Development vision

In mid 2021, the implementation phase of the European Green Deal is coming. Nevertheless, it has been a long way of European climate policy to come to that point. European Commission, supported by the EU Members States and many stakeholders of different businesses, NGOs and citizens marked crucial milestones of that action.

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To domesticate the Green Deal in Poland Oswoić Green Deal w Polsce (the Green Deal through the eyes of Kowalski)

Why are we afraid of novelties and create myths on the European Green Deal? What are Poles afraid of and in what way should the European Green Deal be talked about to limit these anxieties? What benefits can bypass us as a result of the delay of the process of transformation to the green economy? To domesticate the Green Deal it is worth approaching it in a way that it was invented – systemic, showing its core through the confrontation with popular and often wrong opinions on it.

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Will the experience of the pandemic influence our attitudes towards climate change?

The coronavirus pandemic enforced the change of some of our everyday behaviors. It was the most visible during the lockdown protests whilst the restrictions from above influenced the way we work, travel or, do shopping. Some of those restrictions can have positive outcomes in the future for building low-carbon societies.

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The influence of climate change on human health

The influence of climate change on human health is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. The adaptive actions, directed to diminishing the risk connected to certain health hazards. The difficulty lies in the fact, that the actions diminishing the risk for one hazard can considerably raise the risk for another.

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Thermal conditions in Poland 2011-2020 – the warmest decade in 70 years

The climate is a natural resource significantly affecting civilisation development. Climate change observed for around 170 years, as a consequence of human activity, undoubtedly reaches a magnitude that had not been observed before on Earth since the human species inhabited it. This is linked to the pace of change as it has never before been happening so fast. Moreover, never before has any climate change threatened such a large human population. As a result, it is necessary to monitor the climate system systematically, take mitigation actions to slow down or even eliminate the causes of recent climate change. Above should be aided with the forecast of the future evolution of the climate system and development and application of adaptation strategies.

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Climate migration – what is it and if it concerns Poland?

Climate migration is a process, which we face even today and which will be progressing in the future. Despite that, it is still relatively weekly researched and defined. It is worth being aware of the possible consequences of this type of migration to manage them in advance in a humanitarian and secure manner.

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The just transition – the decalogue of the CSR rules for cities

As a result of the launch of the Just Transition Mechanism by the European Commission, the energy transition has become one of the most acute topics of the last months. The talks concerning the partition of the financial resources are on the European, state, and regional level, but the expected results will apply equally to lower entities level – towns and communes of a state, which are connected with the local communities the most. 

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The origin of the race to zero: Climate neutrality concept in the international climate negotiation process

About 120 countries around the world currently declare the goal of achieving climate neutrality or zero emissions by the middle of this century, but often declarations are not based on specific plans and actions. Meanwhile, the present decade is crucial for achieving zero emissions in or shortly after 2050.

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The effective cooperation of the science with the industry in the climate change crisis era

In the perspective of the approaching years, the climate change can be a fundamental threat for the prosperity and peace but also the expected global growth. Even now the consequences of  climate change pressurize numerous communities in many regions of the world. The chance for obtaining global growth, which won't have a negative impact on the climate and the environment is the education and the economy based on knowledge.

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Atmospheric aerosols and climate change

It appears evident that pollutants emissions into the atmosphere affect climate change and climate change can affects air quality. However, not everybody is aware that aerosols play a crucial role in these processes. Interactions between air pollution and climate are complex, and not all the relationships have not yet been fully understood, there is growing scientific evidence for this field.  

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Climate change can significantly affect health and well-being of the most vulnerable groups: especially seniors and people in need. Facing these challenges Ministry of Family and Social Policy is currently implementing new programs and providing support for those who might be negatively affected by sudden changes caused by pandemics, aging of society and new climatological phenomena

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ESG As a Leading Trend on Global Capital Markets in Recent Years

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that socially responsible investing is not a fad or a marketing trick but rather one of the key trends on the global capital markets. Investors, market regulators, and companies are integrating ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors to address global challenges which we all have faced and will continue to face in the coming decades. Exchanges contribute to those developments as they engage in education and promotion of sustainable investing. While ESG factors reflect the status quo, they are forward-looking by definition as they show how to manage long-term risks and generate value, not only for the shareholders but also for all stakeholders. 

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Freedom of economic activity and environmental protection

The implementation of environmental protection programs results, in many cases, in restrictions on conducting business activity, which take the form of prohibitions or an order to behave in a certain manner. The basis for such actions of the lawmaker is a concern for the environment, however, the implementation of this goal should be preceded by an analysis of the nuisance of the introduced restriction for the individual and an assessment of anticipated benefits for the environment.

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WIG-ESG: GPW’s First Index Supporting Green Transition

Exchanges around the world engage in promotion of sustainable finance. One of such initiatives is the publication of indices which cover companies integrating ESG in their business. There are more than 1000 ESG-related indices the world over. In Q4 2020 alone, investors placed USD 150 billion with ESG funds globally, demonstrating the rising interest of global investors in ESG. WIG-ESG, an index published by the Warsaw Stock Exchange, follows that trend.

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